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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Jetsun Milarepa: The Songs of Milarepa (Italian Edition and Portuguese Edition)

Jetsun Milarepa: I Canti di Milarepa (Italian Edition: I Canti di Milarepa) on Amazon and Kobo.

Jetsun Milarepa: I Canti di Milarepa (Portuguese Edition: Jetsun Milarepa: os Cânticos de Milarepa (Todas as Canções Sobre o Dharma, desde “Os Cem Mil Cânticos” ) on Amazon and Kobo.

Milarepa, (born 1040—died 1123), , one of the most famous and beloved of Tibetan Buddhist masters (Siddha). His life and accomplishments are commemorated in two main literary works.
The first is a biography by the “Mad Yogin of Tsang” that chronicles the major events in his life from birth, to Enlightenment, to death. According to this work, Milarepa studied black magic in his younger years in an attempt to gain revenge on a wicked uncle who had stripped his mother and sister of all their property, after having previously promised to look after them when Milarepa’s father died. After a series of successful acts of destruction and revenge against his uncle and other family members, Milarepa is said to have undergone a crisis of conscience. Soon afterward, he sought out various Tibetan Buddhist masters, finally gaining acceptance as a full-fledged disciple under the guidance of the Tibetan master Marpa, founder of the Bka’-brgyud-pa sect. The lengthy relationship between Marpa and Milarepa is a significant element in the biography, since it emphasizes the necessity of, and intimate trust that develops in the student-disciple relationship in VajrayānaBuddhism. After his years of study with Marpa were completed, Milarepa sought out remote, isolated mountain retreats in which he practiced rigorous meditation, only occasionally would he visit Marpa. Milarepa continued the Bka’-brgyud-pa line, converting and teaching many disciples.

The second work of commemoration is a collection of Tantric songs entitled The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa, which express the nature of Buddhist teaching. They also expand upon the climate and conditions of Milarepa’s mountain ascetic retreats as well as the intense labors and ultimate joys of the ascetic life.

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