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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Poems of Giacomo Leopardi, Translated in English

Giacomo Leopardi (b. June 29, 1798, Recanati, Papal States—d. June 14, 1837, Naples) was a poet, a literary scholar, a philosopher, an essayist, and a philologist. His outstanding works and superb lyric poetry granted him a perennial place among the greatest writers of the 19th century.

The collection of Poems of Giacomo Leopardi. 

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To Italy 
On Dante’s Monument 
To Angelo Mai 
To His Sister Paolina
To a Victor in the Game of Pallone
The Younger Brutus 
To the Spring
Hymn to the Patriarchs
The Last Song of Sappho 
First Love
The Lonely Sparrow 
The Infinite 
The Evening of the Holiday 
To The Moon 
The Dream 
The Lonely Life 
To the Beloved 
To Count Carlo Pepoli 
The Resurrection 
To Sylvia 
Night-Song of a Wandering Shepherd in Asia 
Calm after Storm 
The Village Saturday-Night 
The Ruling Thought 
Love and Death 
To Himself 
On an Old Sepulchral Bas-Relief 
On the Portrait of a Beautiful Woman 
The Setting of the Moon
The Ginestra