Franz Kafka

Friday, August 16, 2019

Galline (Hens) by Giovanni Pascoli, from the collection "Myricae" (1891)


When is time for the leaves to fall, the housewife's
old heart does not ache, unlike us wretched ones:
for with lively chickens is full her farmyard;

and thick in the morning quiet
one hears the calls of the useful hens:
packed is the barnyard; sings the wine in the vat.
Around her, in the evening, sing a song
the rosy girls with pensive eyes,
as they unleaf the corn,
and romp the rascals on the rattling leaves.


Al cader delle foglie, alla massaia
non piange il vecchio cor, come a noi grami:
che d’arguti galletti ha piena l’aia;

e spessi nella pace del mattino
delle utili galline ode i richiami:
zeppo il granaio; il vin canta nel tino.

Cantano a sera intorno a lei stornelli
le fiorenti ragazze occhi pensosi,
mentre il granturco sfogliano, e i monelli
ruzzano nei cartocci strepitosi.

From the collection “Myricae” (1891-1900)

"The Poems of Giovanni Pascoli: Translated in English, with Original Italian Text," published by LiteraryJoint Press (2017). Also available as Amazon ebook (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)  and also on Kobo.