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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Novembre, November, by Giovanni Pascoli, English Translation

Cover of Myricae, first published in 1891, 4th Edition

November, from Myricae, by Giovanni Pascoli, English Translation by Literary Joint

Gem-like the air, the sun is so bright
that you seek the apricot trees in bloom,
and the bitter scent of hawthorn lingers in your heart.

But dried-up is the haw, and the scrawny boughs
weave black threads against the serene blue,
empty is the sky, and resounds hollow the trodden earth.

Silence around: only, at the wind's gusts,
you hear afar, from gardens and orchards,
a frail falling of leaves.
It is the Summer, chilly, of the dead.

Original Text in Italian:

Novembre, da Myricae, di Giovanni Pascoli

Gemmea l'aria, il sole così chiaro
che tu ricerchi gli albicocchi in fiore,
e del prunalbo l'odorino amaro senti nel cuore.

Ma secco è il pruno, e le stecchite piante
di nere trame segnano il sereno,
vuoto il cielo, e cavo al piè sonante sembra il terreno.

Silenzio, intorno: solo, alle ventate,
odi lontano, da giardini ed orti,
di foglie un cader fragile.
È l'estate, fredda, dei morti.

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  1. Nice post.Hoping that the Italian translation made available together with the post.And the result will be genuine content, not the mere shadow of an original one.Translating literature shows the rich blend of knowledge and culture in a society


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