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Friday, March 1, 2013

"A Spider Sewed at Night", by Emily Dickinson, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese version

Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)

Ms. Dickinson is widely regarded as one of the founders of a uniquely truly American poetry. Her first work was published posthumously in 1890.

Below you will find one of her many poems inspired by the wonders of nature, "A Spider Sewed at Night", both with its original text and its translated versions in Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese, offered to the community of readers and lovers of  the poetry work of Emily Dickinson, scattered all over the globe.

We warmly encourage, if you happen to pass by Amherst, Massachusetts, to visit the Museum and The Homestead, where the poet was born and spent most of her life.

From "Complete Poems",  1924

A Spider sewed at night   
Without a light   
Upon an arc of white.  
If ruff it was of dame   
Or shroud of gnome,           
Himself, himself inform.   
Of immortality   
His strategy   
Was physiognomy.   

Translations in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French, by LiteraryJoint

A Spider sewed at night, Italian Translation:
Un ragno tesse di notte
Senza una luce
Su un arco di bianco.
Se era gorgiera di dama
O sudario di gnomo,
Egli stesso, egli stesso informa.
La sua strategia
Era fisionomia.

A Spider sewed at night, Spanish Translation:

Una araña tejió de noche
Sin una luz
Sobre un arco de blanco.
Si era el collar de dama
O sudario de gnomo,
Él mismo, el mismo informa.
De inmortalidad
Su estrategia
Era fisonomía.

A Spider sewed at night, Portuguese Translation:

A aranha teceu pela noite
Sem uma luz
Sobre um arco branco.
Se era rufo de senhora
Ou mortalha de gnomo,
Ele mesmo, ele mesmo informa.
Da imortalidade
Sua estratégia
Era fisionomia.

A Spider sewed at night, French Translation:

Une araignée tissa pendant la nuit
Sans lumière
Sur un arc de blanc.
était collerette de dame
Ou linceul de gnome,
Lui-même, lui-même informe.

Sa stratégie
Était physionomie.

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