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Friday, January 25, 2013

Squadra paesana by Umberto Saba, (Soccer Poem, Trieste's City Team: Triestina Rosso Alabardati) English Translation

A simple experience - mingling with the crowd supporting the local soccer team (la Triestina) - blossoms into a wonderful poem, amongst the best known by Umberto Saba.

Soccer Team from Trieste, Triestina, 1930

City team, by Umberto Saba

Me too amongst the many I salute you, red-
from the native land, by all the people
In trepidation I follow your game.
you express with it ancient
marvelous things
on the green turf, in the open air, in the clear
wintry suns.

The anguishes
that whiten the hair all of a sudden,
are from you so far away! The glory
gives you a fleeting
smile: the best it can offer. Hugs
from one another, merry gestures.

Young are you all, for the mother alive;
the winds carries you in her defense. He loves you
for this reason too the poet, from the others
differently - equally moved.

Translated in English by LiteraryJoint
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Below, the last, unique appearance on video of the poet Umberto Saba, already as an old man, reading this poem during an interview with the Italian National Television.
Original text in Italian:
Squadra paesana
Anch'io tra i molti vi saluto, rosso-
dalla terra natia, da tutto un popolo
Trepido seguo il vostro gioco.
esprimete con quello antiche cose
sopra il verde tappeto, all'aria, ai chiari
soli d'inverno.

Le angoscie
che imbiancano i capelli all'improvviso,
sono da voi così lontane! La gloria
vi dà un sorriso
fugace: il meglio onde disponga. Abbracci
corrono tra di voi, gesti giulivi.

Giovani siete, per la madre vivi;
vi porta il vento a sua difesa. V'ama
anche per questo il poeta, dagli altri
diversamente - ugualmente commosso. 
da "Il canzoniere" - vol. III, "Parole" 1933-34

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