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Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Arano (Plowing)" by Giovanni Pascoli. English translation, with original Italian text. "Arano (Plowing)," from the collection "Myricae," (1891)

Giovanni Pascoli, as a professor (1882)

The following translation of "Arano (Plowing)" by Giovanni Pascoli, is from the book "The Poems of Giovanni Pascoli: Translated in English, with Original Italian Text," published by LiteraryJoint Press (2017). Also available as Amazon ebook (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)


In the field, where, rusty-red in the rows,
a few vine leaves shine,  and from the thicket
the morning fog seems smoke,

folk are plowing: with slow cries, one the slow
cows pushes; one plants the seeds; one beats again
the turfs with his patient hoe;

for the sparrow knows and his heart rejoices,
from a mulberry's bristly branches he spies all on;
and the robin: you can hear from the hedges
his delicate tinkling made of gold.

      By Giovanni Pascoli, from the collection "Myricae," (1891)


Al campo, dove roggio nel filare
qualche pampano brilla, e dalle fratte
sembra la nebbia mattinal fumare,

arano: a lente grida, uno le lente
vacche spinge; altri semina; un ribatte
le porche con sua marra pazïente;

chè il passero saputo in cor già gode,
e il tutto spia dai rami irti del moro;
e il pettirosso: nelle siepi s’ode
il suo sottil tintinno come d’oro.

      By Giovanni Pascoli, from the collection "Myricae," (1891)

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