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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'Notte e Giorno', 'Night and Day', a Poem by LiteraryJoint

A "Meridian" on the walls of Palazzo Conti-Gentili in Alatri, by Angelo Secchi, 1867.

Night/day, darkness/light, the abyss/the skies, the moon/the sun, dream/reality...all of these apparent dichotomies call upon each other and can deceive a body, in this brief poem, published today for the first time. The original text in Italian has been translated (further below) in English by its author.

Notte e Giorno

Nottetempo scorsi
l'ombra della luna
solcare mari di tenebre:
impietosa, in sogno mi elargiva
l'elemosina di un solo giorno.
Fu così che, per me,
il sole immemore
avrebbe tracciato
nel cielo terso
la sua meridiana di morte.

Copyright © 2014, LiteraryJoint  

Night and Day

Across the night, I beheld
the shadow of the moon
plowing seas of darkness:
mercilessly offering, in my dream,
the pittance of one day.
It was so that, for me,
in the terse sky,
the oblivious sun
would draw
its meridian of death.

Copyright © 2014, LiteraryJoint 

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