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Monday, December 2, 2013

'The Snow Will Fall', a Poem from the collection 'Jersey Blues'

Edvard Munch's 'Avenue in the Snow', '1906, 'Pompidou Centre, Paris

The Snow Will Fall

From the Labrador Sea, a howling, raging wind
blows and rattles my evening.
I am far away, lost. A greyish cat,
scrawny and restless, roving from corner to corner.
Finding no peace. Yet free. Or enslaved?
Who knows! And where is everybody?

Memories fall, they crumble...

Only a reminiscence of love
obstinately persists, chases my footsteps.
Certainly, I must have dreamt.
Such a wonderful dream, that the mere
sorrow of awaking casts a shadow
upon the day, and an entire existence.

Soon the snow will fall…

Princeton, New Jersey, December 2002
From "Jersey Blues: Selected Poems", also available on iBookstore, NOOK Book and Amazon Kindle.

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