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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Temporale' (Thunderstorm), by Giovanni Pascoli; English translation

TEMPORALE                              THUNDERSTORM 

Un bubbolìo lontano...                  A distant rumble... 

Rosseggia l’orizzonte,                  The horizon reddens, 
come affocato, a mare:                as on fire, to the sea:
nero di pece, a monte,                 pitch-black, to the mountain,
stracci di nubi chiare:                   rags of light-colored clouds:
tra il nero un casolare:                 in the black a cottage: 
un’ala di gabbiano                        a wing of a seagull. 

da 'Myricae', 1891                        Translation by A. Baruffi, Literary Joint

Giovanni Pascoli, San Mauro di Romagna, Dec 31, 1855 – Bologna, April 6, 1912

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