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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

"Festa Lontana" by Giovanni Pascoli, from the collection "Myricae" (1891)

"The Poems of Giovanni Pascoli: Translated in English, with Original Italian Text," published by LiteraryJoint Press (2017). Also available as Amazon ebook (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)  and also on Kobo.

Far Away Fair

   A tiny infinite church bells' peal
buzz and resound, as from a Fair
very far away, behind an oblivious veil.

There, when the bells chime like a wave,
in the street the elder men lay their
white head bare, and on the ground their gaze fixate.

   Yet the small kids open their round eyes wide,
all around their serene sky is trembling high.
They shout as the firecrackers go wild. 
At their beloved breast mother holds them tight.

Festa Lontana

Un piccolo infinito scampanìo
ne ronza e vibra, come d’una festa
assai lontana, dietro un vel d’oblìo.

Là, quando ondando vanno le campane,
scoprono i vecchi per la via la testa
bianca, e lo sguardo al suol fisso rimane.

Ma tondi gli occhi sgranano i bimbetti,
cui trema intorno il loro ciel sereno.
Strillano al crepitar de’ mortaretti.
Mamma li stringe all’odorato seno.

"Festa Lontana" by Giovanni Pascoli, from the collection "Myricae" (1891)

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