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Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Sera d’ottobre" (October Evening) by Giovanni Pascoli. English translation, with original Italian text. "Sera d’ottobre" (October Evening) from the collection "Myricae" (1891-1900)

Autumn Landscape with Four Trees, Vincent van Gogh, 1885; Nuenen, Netherlands

The following translation of "Sera d’ottobre" ("October Evening") by Giovanni Pascoli is from the book "The Poems of Giovanni Pascoli: Translated in English, with Original Italian Text," published by LiteraryJoint Press (2017). Also available as Amazon ebook (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)  


October Evening

Along the street you see on the hedge
red berries laughing in clusters:
in the plowed fields to the shed make
             a late return the cows.

Along the road a poor lad with a tired tread is 
shuffling along slowly on the crispy leaves:
in the fields a young girl to the wind starts to sing:
                        Flower of thorns!...

Sera d’Ottobre

Lungo la strada vedi su la siepe
ridere a mazzi le vermiglie bacche:
nei campi arati tornano al presepe
                tarde le vacche.

Vien per la strada un povero che il lento
passo tra foglie stridule trascina:
nei campi intuona una fanciulla al vento:
                    Fiore di spina!...

From the collection “Myricae” (1891-1900)

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