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Friday, January 6, 2017

"Nevicata", "The Snowfall", by Giovanni Pascoli. English version with Original Text in Italian, by Giovanni Pascoli, from the collection "Myricae" (1891-1911)

Caspar David Friedrich, “Winter Landscape with church,” 1811, oil on canvas, National Gallery, London, UK.


It snows; the air is swarming with white;
the earth is white; snow upon snow;
the elms groan with a long, tired bellow:
some white falls upon a soft thud.

And the wind gusts ragingly blow
and in the streets whirls the storm of snow;
kids pass by: a babbling of cry;
a mother passes by: a prayer passes by.

Giovanni Pascoli,  from the collection Myricae (1891-1911).

 Original Text in Italian:


Nevica; l’aria brulica di bianco;
la terra è bianca; neve sopra neve;
gemono gli olmi a un lungo mugghio stanco:
cade del bianco sopra un tonfo lieve.

E le ventate soffiano di schianto
e per le vie mulina la bufera;
passano bimbi: un balbettìo di pianto;
passa una madre: passa una preghiera.

Giovanni Pascoli,  from the collection Myricae (1891-1911).

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