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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Seasonal Poetry: "October Ascent," a Poem

Autumn Landscape with Four Trees, Vincent Van Gogh, 1885, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands

As always on LiteraryJoint, let's bid a proper farewell to October, month of great beauty and inspiration...

October Ascent

No thing suits me best than October,
Month pensive and silent;
The evening's chill of winter whispers
How long past is the warm season.
Yet, the day is a swirl
Of red and yellow that inebriate
Like new wine.
Away from the cities, from their lights
Which are dying fires, I retreat.
I climb the steep of the hills, 
Crawling up some deserted track. In the ascent,  
I befriend the chirp of the industrious squirrel,
And the hawk, which soars highly and utters
Unearthly cries.

Only up there in the mist
—The voice of men forgotten,
The debris of the world obliterated—
In the lonely heart, I reunite with my kindred again,
As the gathering night blackens the earth,
And the cold, polished sky,
Discloses its crystal-like shine.

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