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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Times change "Tempo che muta" by Vincenzo Cardarelli; "Times change," by Vincenzo Cardarelli, English version, translated by LiteraryJoint

Until now, with the sole exception of a few poems translated by the great Irish poet Desmond O'Grady in the late 1950's, the work of Vincenzo Cardarelli had remained precluded to the English speaking world and the international audience at large. The publication of this extensive collection will finally disclose the doors to one of the most prominent, yet still relatively unexplored, Italian and European poet of the twentieth century.

Times change

Just as the colors of 
seasons change,
so do the moods and thoughts of men.
All in the world is but fickle time.
And here is already the pallid,
sepulchral Autumn, 
while just yesterday was reigning
a flourishing, almost eternal, Summer.

From the collection "Poesie," 1936, from "Vincenzo Cardarelli: The Forgotten amongst the Great. A Collection of the Best Poems by Vincenzo Cardarelli, Translated in English," available as e-book on Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchon NOOK Bookon Koboand as printed, traditional edition through Lulu.

Tempo che muta

Come varia il colore
delle stagioni,
così gli umori e i pensieri degli uomini.
Tutto nel mondo è mutevole tempo.
Ed ecco, è già il pallido,
sepolcrale autunno,
quando pur ieri imperava
la rigogliosa quasi eterna estate.

Dalla raccolta"Poesie," 1936, Vincenzo Cardarelli.

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