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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A few words on Albert Camus, La Chute (The Fall)

Albert Camus, La Chute: Cover, a Folio's Edition

If in Paris, a late, sultry summer evening, walking down the rive gauche, you pass by an old rickety book stand and, by accident, stumble upon Camus' "La Chute," then be sure to give the old marchande some business, old fool! That's exactly what I did too, anyways...
    You see, the lady will have been awaiting for a while, puffing out grey billows of smoke, and the tiny gem is gonna be most likely a pocket book, a "Folio" or a "Le livre de Poche" edition, possibly as old as from the '60s. Anyways, "The Fall" is mainly about Amsterdam, in a way: and it's about the horizontal life, and vertical free falling, and about laying flat. It's the confession of a lifetime, after the mask has fallen down. Probing into reminiscences of an older existence, back to a time when life had been lived fully, along with the  majestic flowing of the Seine river, it emerges from the decomposing waters of Amsterdam's canals and the death-like, stagnant, shallow depths of the Zuiderzee. A must read.

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