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Friday, July 26, 2013

July and the Night

Evening Landscape With Rising Moon, Vincent Van Gogh, Saint-Rémy de Provence, 1889, oil on canvas

July and the Night 

I breathe Turgenev
"... In the pure dry air there is a scent
of wormwood, rye in blossom, and buckwheat;
even an hour before nightfall there is no moisture
in the air. It is for such weather that the farmer 
longs, for harvesting his wheat..."

The end of a glorious July day.
In the secretive orchard of my ancestors,
Crouched at the foot of a scrawny, old pear tree,
I recollected all my past, long gone summers,
And wondered how long the tree had been standing;
It always yielded small, pale-green pears:
Sour when firm, in the prime time of summer,
Sweet and juicy, when full and ripe.
Grandfather must have planted it, well before my days;
No special care or attention was required from us,
For the trunk was joined to the land,
The tree drew moisture from the rainfall,
And was married to the sun.
When I was little I used to climb
Up to the lower, slender branches,
For I wouldn't venture any higher.
My being brimmed over with tenderness...
The crickets chirped their laborious love songs,
And bats flitted around the tree tops, against the blue.
Hovering in the fresh breeze, I smelled the odorous youth,
That once ran through my weary limbs.
Across the magnificent hour-glass of the terse sky,
The night shadows advanced rapidly upon the blackening earth.
I chilled: the pitch-dark night was a hypothesis,
The dream-like sentry to my besieged, solitary fortress.
As the night fell upon me, I closed my eyes
And felt merriment all around.
I thought to myself that,  although we took no heed,
While the tree lived, I too lived, and saw a bit of the world.
The orchard was whispering mysteriously, and in the nearby
Gardens the flowers had closed their corollas, seeking rest.
As the tide of memories ebbed, my existence receded, too;
I quivered in fright: it was a nook that a soul
May never let go of lightheartedly.

Amsterdam, July, 2013

Copyright © Alessandro Baruffi
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